Annual List Checklist

Important Nevada Forms Changes

The Nevada Secretary of State has changed renewal forms as well as many other filing forms. Most of the new ones were revised in January, but only recently uploaded when they began implementing their new filing system.

We have been notified by the Secretary of State’s office that they are unable to provide us with pre-populated renewal forms (all previous filed information filled in).

At this time their new filing system is still not fully functional. However, Annual Lists may be filed online. As with many states, we believe the goal has been to have the majority of renewals, if not all, filed online.

As of today they are over a month behind on Annual List filings that were hand delivered. To view processing dates see link below.

To file your Annual Lists online with the state go to the link below.

If you need assistance, please call us at (888) 274-1130.

Annual List Checklist

Contributed by Deanna Kelly, Office Manager

In order to help our clients with their annual renewal and avoid late fees here are a few helpful hints when submitting paper filings.

– Always read through the letter and the information included with your renewal for any changes in procedure.

– Check your list for any changes you want made (names, titles).

– Check the spelling in names on the list in case the state’s records are incorrect.

If any changes are needed, draw a line through the name and write the new name or corrected name above the incorrect or lined out name (BLACK INK AND NO HIGHLIGHTING).

– Corporations: Make sure each office (Pres., Sec., Treasurer and Director) has the name of a person. No office may be left blank. One person may hold multiple positions or be all.

– LLCs: Mark a title for each Manager or Managing Member on the list.

– Sign at the bottom and fill in title and date.

When completed return your Annual List to us along with your renewal payments and we will hand-deliver it to the state for you (no additional charge). We will then return a filed copy via email when we receive it back from the state.

Remember you may renew online with us and the Secretary of State. Once our payment has been submitted you will receive a confirmation with a link to the Secretary of State where you must file your Annual List. Be sure to print a filed copy and receipt when you have processed your payment.

As always, no question is a bad question. The more knowledgable you are, the easier our job is. If you have any questions, we are always here to help.

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At American Corporate Enterprises, Inc., we have the expertise to handle all your incorporation needs! Contact us

Toll free (888) 274-1130 or (775)884-9380 today and visit our website at