Registered Agent Service: A Required Service

Nevada law (statute 78.105) requires a Nevada Corporation to maintain a Registered Agent. The agent is responsible for accepting service of process and then shall notify the appropriate parties of such service.

With this service we will hand deliver your articles to the state; send filed articles and charter along with forms and information you will need. We will also forward any official mail from the IRS and state of Nevada. This is one of the minimum requirements, but it does not give your corporation a viable presence (see Executive Office Services below and Business Address Service/Mail Forwarding).

Registered Agent fee billed annually and is required prior to renewing with the Secretary of State to avoid non-compliance fees.

Nevada Basic Incorporation Service

For a minimal fee American Corporate Enterprises will prepare and file the Articles of Incorporation/Organization and provide a temporary Director/Manager for the purpose of formation. You simply choose the name for your Corporation/LLC and we will take care of the rest for you. Corporations are formed with 75, 000 shares of common stock at no par unless otherwise instructed. You should allow up to several weeks for processing by the state.

The Registered Agent fee and minimum state filing fees are included with this. Certified copies are additional. Increased corporate shares may also increase fee. You may have up to 75,000,000 at .001 with no increase.

New Corporation or LLC

We will provide you with your own Nevada Corporation or LLC and the following:

  • 1st year Registered Agent fee included
  • Preparation and filing of Articles
  • Initial filing fees for Articles included (routine filing; corporations with 75,000 shares at no par value)
  • Certified copy of Articles as required by law
  • Corporate/Company Charter
  • * Corporate Kit- Deluxe 3-ring binder with 20 stock/membership certificates, stock transfer/membership ledger, Corporate Seal, Bylaws/26-pg. Operating Agreement Draft, and miscellaneous forms and instructions, etc.
  • Customized Initial Minutes for company formation and customized acceptance forms included.
  • Instructions for obtaining Federal Tax ID number
  • UPS shipping fee *
  • Additional required state forms *

List of Officers or List of Managers (for LLC) and state license fee to be paid separately. Fees for Corporations may vary if stock increased. 

Nevada Expedite Services –1 day processing by the state

You should allow up to several weeks for processing of new filings by the state; however, if you need faster service, you may choose to expedite the filing for an additional fee and your order will be processed in 24 hours by our office as well as by the state. Other states expedite fees vary or may not be available. Ask for quote.

Executive Office Services

Your Nevada Corporation can provide you with tremendous state tax saving benefits as well as protecting your assets, medical reimbursement plans, retirement plans, travel, etc. when correctly structured. The importance of our Executive Office Services is so that you can show beyond any doubt that your corporation is established here- something you should seriously consider. It is your proof of a Nevada presence.

Another important consideration is to have a “Professional Presence” for your business. We can assist you with sales, providing information to potential customers, etc., all according to your instructions. This service comes with a built-in staff that has helped support and grow many businesses over the years.

  • An office address- you may use this address for letterhead, advertising, etc.
  • Mail service- your corporate mail will be received and forwarded on a daily basis for up to 100 pieces per quarter. Includes postage costs for regular mail. (Parcels and special shipping paid separately)
  • Telephone service- your corporation will be assigned it’s own phone number which you may advertise. Our staff will answer your phone (between the hours of 8-5 PST) according to your instructions and relay messages to you. The cost for the telephone line is included.
  • A listing with the local directory and directory assistance.
  • 1 Free unit of 24-hour voice mail included -$199 value!!
  • Fax service with a number, which you may advertise for the corporation. Incoming faxes forwarded to you.

Just compare what it would cost you to rent an office, pay for phone, internet and a full time receptionist- probably over $2000 a month! This is a great alternative to help get your business started while protecting the benefits that a Nevada Corporation offers.


Business Address Service/Mail Forwarding

If you are not quite ready to take advantage of the Executive Office Services, we offer our Business Address Service/Mail Forwarding for a minimal fee. This will give you a Nevada business address to use for your bank account, credit cards, clients, letterhead, and vendors, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS SERVICE IS REQUIRED if you are using our address as your business address for any agency other than IRS or state of Nevada (even if your bank statements are received electronically).

Parcels and special shipping fees are separate. A postage deposit may be required depending on volume of mail.

See our video regarding Bank Accounts at videos.


For available packages and additional services, please see Get Started.
Feel free to call us if you would like to inquire about services not listed.