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Changes to Tax Code That Make LLCs and S Corps More Attractive

Changes to Tax Code That Make LLCs and S Corps More Attractive

With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act a new tax deduction for pass-through business income was created (LLC, S Corp, Partnership and Sole Proprietorship income). The deduction allows for a 20% deduction of qualified business income. There are a few limitations, but in general this means that 20% of business net income can be a deduction on the owner’s personal tax return. *

Before the Tax Cut and Jobs Act a C Corporation had a range of tax rates between 15% and 35%. After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act the corporate rate is now a flat 21%. For most large corporations this is a win with a lower tax bracket, but if you were operating as a C Corporation with net profits less than $50,000 this is an increase of 6%.

For this reason we are seeing:

  • An increase in the formation of LLCs (Liability protection; lower state fees overall; less paperwork)
  • An increase in new Corporations electing S Corp status
  • Existing Corporations making elections from C Corp to S Corp status with the IRS

Sole Proprietorships are not recommended in an asset protection strategy. With a Sole Proprietorship there is no protection for personal or business assets.  A Sole Proprietorship has no Charging Order protection or “corporate veil protection”.

Nevada currently is the only state that has a Charging Order provision for closely held corporations.

* PLEASE NOTE: There are a few limitations to the Qualified Business Income deduction such as W-2 wage limitation; Service business limitation and higher income level limitation. Please seek advice from YOUR tax professional for your specific situation/goals. 

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Doing Business With States- Vendor and Procurement Resources

Doing Business With States- Vendor and Procurement Resources

Are you interested in doing business with other states? Below are links for vendor and procurement resources for you.

Your Corporation or LLC would need to be registered in those states in order to do business there. We can help you with forming domestic entities as well as filing as foreign entities in every state.




























New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia



Documenting Your Business Activities

As stated in previous posts Corporate Record Keeping is essential when it comes to protecting your assets and tax benefits. Anything that is of major business consequence should be documented in your records. You need to show evidence that it was approved by the company.

Below are is a partial list of examples of business activities to document:

  • Amendments to the Articles
  • Annual Meetings of Shareholders/ Members
  • Annual Meetings of Directors/ Managers
  • Special Meetings of Shareholders, Directors/ Members
  • Authorization for Voting Proxy
  • Opening of bank account
  • Adding or changing bank signatories
  • Authorization to change or appoint company accountant
  • Authorization to appoint legal counsel
  • Authorization for payment of business travel
  • Changes to Bylaws or Operating Agreement
  • Changes in Stock/ Membership Certificates to correct errors or omissions
  • Changes in Officers/ Management (new appointments, resignations, dismissals)
  • Reimbursement for child care expenses
  • Independent contractor service (1099s for outside services)
  • Authorization for credit card
  • Authorization to establish line of credit for the company
  • Authorization for Foreign Qualification
  • Reimbursement for Life Insurance
  • Medical and Dental Reimbursement Plans
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Promissory Notes
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Purchase of Key-Man Policy
  • Real Estate leases or purchases
  • Setting salaries for Officers/ Managers
  • Authorization to pay for vehicle expenses (purchases, leases, maintenance, insurance, gasoline)
  • Dissolution of company

We do offer Corporate Record Keeping Assistance. For more information and sample forms, visit


Form a Corporation or LLC- Starter Package

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If you’re considering starting a Nevada Corporation or LLC, below is a list of what’s included with our Starter Package (our most popular package).

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• First Year Registered Agent fee
• Nevada name availability search
• Preparation and filing of Articles
• Filing fee for Articles (75,000 shares at no par value for corps.)
• Certified copy of Articles (required by state for our files)
• EIN Instructions
• Corporate Bylaws or 26-pg. LLC Operating Agreement Draft
• Save and Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement (for your purchase)
• Customized Organizational Minutes
• Customized Officer/Director or Member/Manager Acceptance Forms
• 20 Security Protected Stock Certificates or LLC Membership Certificates
• Instructions for issuing stock
• Initial List/State License form and filing instructions (state fee not included)
• Hand delivery of Initial List/State License form to state (may also be filed online for faster processing by the state)
• Miscellaneous forms and information
• First year Business Address Service/Mail Forwarding. You may then use our address on your bank account, letterhead, business cards, web site, etc. All First Class mail is forwarded on a daily basis for no additional charge. Shipping fees and special handling fees are separate.
FREE Corporate Record Keeping CD – ($99 value) Contains fill-in-the-blank forms for your record keeping needs. May be modified for use with LLC.
• Corporate Kit- Handsome 3 ring binders with inside pockets, section dividers, slip cover and name embossment.
• UPS Shipping fee (domestic)

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After You Incorporate

Find out more about American Corporate Enterprises by visiting our website at At American Corporate Enterprises, Inc., we have the expertise to handle all your incorporation needs! Contact us Toll free (888) 274-1130 or (775) 884-9380 today.

At American Corporate Enterprises, Inc., we have the expertise to handle all your incorporation needs! Contact us

Toll free (888) 274-1130 or (775)884-9380 today and visit our website at

Why Should You Incorporate?

Because of the length of time corporations have been in existence, there is a long record of statutory and case law which supports the use of a corporation for asset protection.

Consequently, corporations are traditionally considered for use as the “First Line of Defense” to accomplish the goal of limited liability. Following are some important attributes and advantages to a corporation which allow it to be used for limited liability as well as other purposes.

•The corporation is a totally separate entity from any individual- it is not you, and you are not it. This is important to remember in maintaining the limited liability protection. It must be treated as a separate individual

•A corporation can buy, sell, trade, own property, own stock, make loans, etc. and anything else that an individual can do; such actions are governed by the Board of Directors

•The shareholders of the corporation do not have to live in the state in which the corporation is domiciled. Fortunately, here in Nevada, neither do the Officers or Directors

•Corporations have perpetual existence- if a Director or Officer becomes deceased, the corporation will still exist, unlike with some other entities

•There are many tax deductions available to corporations, which are not available to other entities

•It is easy to transfer assets and ownership of a corporation

•Centralized management allows ease of doing business

•Full fringe benefits can be established through a corporation

•A corporation has all of the rights of an individual except for the Fifth Amendment

Please be advised that we are not engaged in rendering legal counsel or accounting services. If legal advise, or other such services and assistance is required, the services of a professional person in that area should be sought. At your request, however, we may consult with you and render our opinion based on our business experience.

American Corporate Enterprises works with and provides services to Attorneys, CPAs, Financial Consultants, etc. in order to meet the needs of our clients. We would be happy to refer you to such a professional at your request.

Find out more about American Corporate Enterprises by visiting our website at At American Corporate Enterprises, Inc., we have the expertise to handle all your incorporation needs! Contact us Toll free (888) 274-1130 or (775) 884-9380 today.

At American Corporate Enterprises, Inc., we have the expertise to handle all your incorporation needs! Contact us

Toll free (888) 274-1130 or (775)884-9380 today and visit our website at