American Corporate Enterprises, Inc. – Why Incorporate?:
Because of the length of time corporations have been in existence, there is a long record of statutory and case law which supports the use of a corporation for asset protection.
Consequently, corporations are traditionally considered for use as the “First Line of Defense” to accomplish the goal of limited liability. Following are some important attributes and advantages to a corporation which allow it to be used for limited liability as well as other purposes.”

•The corporation is a totally separate entity from any individual- it is not you, and you are not it. This is important to remember in maintaining the limited liability protection. It must be treated as a separate individual
•A corporation can buy, sell, trade, own property, own stock, make loans, etc. and anything else that an individual can do; such actions are governed by the Board of Directors
•The shareholders of the corporation do not have to live in the state in which the corporation is domiciled. Fortunately, here in Nevada, neither do the Officers or Directors
•Corporations have perpetual existence- if a Director or Officer becomes deceased, the corporation will still exist, unlike with some other entities
•There are many tax deductions available to corporations, which are not available to other entities
•It is easy to transfer assets and ownership of a corporation
•Centralized management allows ease of doing business
•Full fringe benefits can be established through a corporation
•A corporation has all of the rights of an individual except for the Fifth Amendment
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