Contributed by Deanna Kelly, Office Manager

We do our very best to get renewal notices and documents sent out in a timely fashion to give our clients ample time to process them. We also work very hard to remind them about their renewals because we don’t want them to have to pay late fees- which can be costly! 

We appreciate it that the majority of our clients will return documents well in advance, which allows time for any possible corrections. THANK YOU! It’s a whole lot less stress for everyone mentally and financially!

To further ensure that your filing will be processed by the state, please review these tips below.

DO:  Make sure the document is legible before sending
          Don’t send documents that are blurry or too light
Why: The state scans them in their system and if they cannot read it clearly, it will be rejected.

DO: Sign/complete with dark blue or black ink
         Don’t use colored ink such as pink, purple, red or pencil
Why: We have to make copies of what you send. If the signature is too light when copied and scanned by the state, they will reject it.

DO: Send a clean copy
        Don’t send copies that have lines all over them or highlighted areas
Why: Lines may make the names illegible and highlighted areas will turn dark when scanned. All information must be legible to avoid rejection.

DO: Send an actual copy
        Don’t send pictures taken by your phone
Why: When pictures of documents are emailed to us they are very dark when printed or scanned. The scanned document must be legible or the state will reject it.

DO: Make any necessary changes in the Officer/Manager changes. The forms are pre-printed by the state based on the previously filed information. Changes must be distinctive. Draw a line through the name of the Officer/Manager and write or type the changed information next to it. 
       HOWEVER, DON’T CROSS OFF PRE-PRINTED TITLES. For example: Don’t cross out the title of “Secretary” and write in “Vice President”. 
WHY: The state will not update the information if they cannot clearly see that a change has been made. If you cross off the title as mentioned above, they will reject it because their required information has been modified and they do not allow that.