For many American consumers the decision to buy products made in the USA is an important one. The Federal Trade Commission recently published an article regarding a particular company that is being sued for making false claims by advertising it’s products as “Made in the USA” or “Proudly Made in the USA”.

According to the complaint, this company claimed its products are “all or virtually all made in the US”. The FTC alleges that approximately 55% of chemicals used in the products are attributable to imported chemicals. Therefore, the suit states that the company’s claims were deceptive because although the products are made in the US, they are made with domestic and imported materials.

This company also manufactured products under brand names for other retailers. The article states  “Thus, the complaint alleges that [the company] provided others with the ‘means and instrumentalities’ to deceive consumers.”

If you’re currently marketing products as “Made in the USA”, or are considering doing so, the FTC has  the following publications and more available to companies.

Complying with the Made in the USA Standard

Selling American Made Products? What Businesses need to know about Made In the USA claims

Qualified Claims

Comparitive Claims

The FTC and Customs Service

What to do about violations

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