California-  Fraudulent letters are being sent to California businesses instructing them to remit fees for a “Certificate of Status”. The letters are made to look as though it is a government notice, when it is not. Only the Secretary of State’s office issues certificates of status.  Read more  

Effective May 2014, the Secretary of State’s office no longer issues individual Certificates of Filing. They may be requested but will now include all filed documents, or you may request certified copies of individual documents.

Connecticut- A new bill was proposed to help clean up the public records by allowing the state to administratively dissolve entities that have not filed Annual Reports. Those entities may reactivate by paying reinstatement fees.

Maryland- Effective July 1, 2014 Limited Liability Companies may claim an exemption from recordation and transfer taxes for the transfer of real property as part of a reorganization under IRC Section 368 (a). Previously this was only available to Corporations.  Read more 

Mississippi- Effective July 1, 2014 procedures for name reservations were modified to make them the same for all entity types. They may also be renewed thirty days before they expires.  Read more 

Virginia- Effective July 1, 2014the state Corporation Commission may refuse to file documents submitted for filing if they are not prepared or submitted by an authorized representative of the entity.  Read more

Washington- Effective June 12, 2014 Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships may convert between entity types. Also Corporations and Limited formed in other states may now convert to Washington.  Read more